Valgorect Feet Care Gel Treats Bunions

Hallux valgus is probably the most common deformity of the toes, and usually affects women. Over 20% of 18-65 year old and more than 35% of people over 65 years have hallux valgus. Due to its noticeable form it is also referred to as a ganglion and bunion. In this condition, the big toe moves out of its alignment, and points toward the outside edge of the foot, which leads to pain and inflammation in the area. Suffering from hallux valgus should know, that wearing narrow shoes is impossible.

Valgorect feet care gel has been manufactured to help people alleviate the condition. Its usage relieves pain and inflammation, softens and later removes the bunions. Valgorect list of ingredients include cynodon dactylon extract, filipendula formosa extract, salix alba bark extract, alcanna tinctoria root extract, aqua, camphor, lavandula angustifolia herb oil, etc. The recommended application is twice daily. Valgorect gel should be applied in thin layer and gently massaged into the skin.


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